I Love My Dark Little Family

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington (Photo credit: Yon Garin  Fotógrafo · Argazkilaria)

I’ve learned through my writing and through the books, TV shows and movies that I like, I’m a very dark individual. I’m not sure where all the dark comes from, but my writing is better for it.

I think about things, things that maybe I shouldn’t. I write stories that scare my wife. I wrote poetry in high school that scared people, and possibly made them worry about me.

Every thing I write has something, dark. It doesn’t always stand out, but it’s there.

My kids are the same way. They’re growing up in an environment with Jack Skellington, Beetlejuice, Neil Gaiman, and other authors and directors who’s best work is darker.

We recently saw Frankenweenie, and our kids really liked it. It is dark, but our kids are more like the Addams’ than the Cleavers.

I understand some parents frown on letting our three-year old see Frankenweenie, it’s dark, disturbing and we loved it. When someone tells me, “You’re like the Munsters!”, no, we’re like us.

We love music with political overtones, dark themes and stuff that when they’re older, our kids will look at us and say, “Yep, now I understand why they let us watch those movies, read those books and listen to that music.”

For our family, things are to be explored. The darker side of our nature is one of the things I want to explore. It’s one of the things that makes me write, it’s also the thing I most want to share with my kids.

I feel that our dark little family is perfect in its own way. We find humor in movies that some people wouldn’t. I laugh at things that people would find sad, I relish in things that I should be wearing a hug me jacket, but until they take me away, I’ll be who I am, and so will me dark little family.

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