Letter To Daniel, A Character Sheet.

This post is something different for me. I’m doing it from a character point of view to his younger self. I’ve never tried this kind of blog post before, but I’ll enjoy sharing it.


By NirvallicA Juan (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

 Hello Daniel,

I’m not sure if you’ll read this, but I’m writing it anyway. You should be about seventeen, in your junior year of high school and this letter should arrive in January 1993. Don’t ask how I got this letter to you, I just have.

In the next year you’re going to confront a lot of things about who you are, who you trust and who really loves you.

When these things happen I can’t say, because as River Song says, “spoilers.” You’ll find out who she is in the late 00’s, only because you’ll start watching Doctor Who.

These things will come at you with such force that you may be left standing, holding your Fender and thinking, why did this happen? I could get into reasons, but then you wouldn’t learn anything, and neither would I. Just trust that I’m doing this for a reason.

Don’t think about the particulars when these things happen, only think about what could be next, if you choose the former you may not like where it leads.

The future is bright, but you have to get through high school first, and as you know that’s the hardest part.

You’ll go through a point with him, you know who I’m talking about, that will make you wonder why you’re still with him and why you still suffer the abuse, but understand me, you’ll get through it and learn more about him, and yourself by doing so.

There are other things that I can’t put in this letter, because of “spoilers” but I’ll tell you that you’re a great person and you’ll understand sooner or later what you’re meant to do as well as why.

Things are not always what you think they are, but you have one thing that always gets you through, hold on to her, she’ll always help you and get you through your darkest times. She’ll come in different forms, but she’s easier to trust than most.

I hope this letter helps you and guides you, but as I said I can’t give specifics about things because of “spoilers.”

Keep listening to music, regardless of what happens, and keep writing. Your writing along  with her will keep you alive.

All my best,



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