Letter To My Sixteen Year Old Self.


You should be about sixteen, next year will be a big one, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, who you are and you’ll make a few decisions that will change your life forever.

You’ll move to Wyoming, yes Wyoming, and you’ll learn you’re not as bad as those kids in Utah said you were. You’ll date few girls, yes that does happen. Green River is awesome and you’ll make some good friends.

After graduation you’ll enter Marine boot camp, a little later than we planned, but still you’ll make another decision, one with consequences that will make the world different for us.

When you return from boot, something happens that you’ll cry over and think about for a long time, I can’t tell you otherwise you wouldn’t learn.

You’ll live with your dad for a little bit, and your step-mom, you’ll also hang out with your new sister, who is an awesome woman as I write you this.  You’ll live with your Grandma and Grandpa Baker for a while, it’s doing this that makes you think about who you are and you’ll start writing again.

Things change, they do that.

You’ll move with mom and Stew to Mesquite, Nevada and get into working out heavily, it’s something we’ve always loved and been around since we were kids and you’ll love it.

You’ll move in with your cousin John and his wife in California, you’ll love California and the beach. We’re a Pisces, it comes with the territory.

When the experiment in California ends you’ll end up with your dad and his new wife. She has two boys, both of them are pretty awesome and you’ll get along with the older one better than the younger.

You’ll go to college for a year and work at Blockbuster Video. I know you don’t want to work at Blockbuster, but it’s there you’ll find another piece to your life puzzle, she has awesome eyes.

After things go sour with dad and his wife you move to Las Vegas with Bug and Joe and their kids, the girl with the awesome eyes follows you a month later.

You find out who you are a few years later, and what you want out of life. Try your hardest with all the things I’ve told you, especially with your kids, yes kids. They love you and look up to you in a way I still don’t understand.

While you’re working a friend will tell you to start writing and your cousin will be published. These things set you upon doing what you’ve always wanted, writing and getting published.

Write the first book and put it away, it’s not ready for the market at that time. You’ll think about a few stories, but one will come that you’ll want to write, leave it alone and let others come.

When you write, do it with the same energy you showed in the gym, leave no energy for anything else.

Give your world to your writing, it’s only in doing that you’ll understand why I sent this letter, and why you need to do what is listed, or I won’t be here and neither will they, the kids.

You’ll have missteps along the way, mostly with dad, but you need to do what you want and be who you want to be.

I’ll see you in twenty years,


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