Damn, It Feels Good To Be Dark.


Darkness (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

Your Inner Darkness

Sometimes darkness has a way of finding you, finding who you are inside and manipulating it.

These dark forces come from within each of us. We all have our darkness, the things that if we were to tell people they’d lock us up or the people with the white coats and hug-me jackets would take us to the crazy house.

Whether you write your blog for fun or your writing off the blog on a book, comic, screenplay or other writing project, all stories have dark parts. From Green Eggs and Ham to Lord of the Rings, it’s identifying those dark parts in your life, your writing and your environment that makes your writing yours.

Where My Darkness Comes From

I pull most of my darkness from my childhood and my love of horror movies, dark books, a fondness for the color black and dealing with my parents divorce.

Horror movies have been a staple in my life. First with the old black & whites then moving on to the 80’s slasher movies and finally into Hellraiser and Pinhead.

I’ve always loved macabre, sinister, and tenebrous things. With dark books, these could be Neil Gaiman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Bret Easton Ellis, Clive Barker, Anne Rice or George R.R. Martin.

Each of these writers have influenced my writing in some manner. The darkness in their stories made me feel like it was okay to write things that were a bit out there. They made me feel comfortable as a writer, and that is what I was looking for.

Learning From My Influences.

By reading their writing I knew it was okay to think the stories in my head, that I wasn’t a freak. Because, honestly there were times when I’d have stories that were macabre and I thought, “Damn, that came from the deepest reaches of my soul.”

There were other times, and a lot lately, where a story comes to me and I forget how afraid I was of writing it, of scaring people or of making those close to me worry about my sanity–yes, these things have come up in my head–and it was my wife and my mom telling me they liked that I was dark and reading a lot of Neil Gaiman that made me feel free enough to write them.

Finally Feeling Free To Write

I have never felt more free as a writer as I do right now. This darkness has been swirling around me, waiting to take me to a twisted Oz for a while, but I had to jump in the funnel and go willingly. Going willingly has changed me personally and professionally as a writer.

I’m back to my old twisted creations.

I’ve had people at my day job comment on the changes in me, that’s how I knew I was on the right path, finally.

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3 Responses to Damn, It Feels Good To Be Dark.

  1. Rich darkness – soft and luxurious like expensive velvet – intoxicating like smooth sweet fudge. Light wouldn’t be as bright without darkness in tandem

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