Finding Your Genius Writer

Writing is something special to me, it’s something that makes me breathe, makes me dream and most of all I feel it has made me more free.

I’ve written two books, yes t-w-o. Each of them have their good parts.

Most of all I learned how to write better by writing each one. They may never be published, they may sit on my PC forever, but I wrote them, and both have made me better on the blog and in my other writing.

When a story gets finished there’s things that come together to form it. They don’t stand out at first, but they’re the things you notice most in read-throughs.

These things are the bits of writing that are memorable, and when you read it again it echoes in your head for a while. That might just be me that happens to though.

This is the time your writing shines, the moments you wish all of your writing looked like.

After two books and many short stories, blog posts and other writings these things are happening more often. These moments of amazing writing happen with regularity the more you write.

The more you write, the more often you notice them after you write than when you’re going through it for edits.

Edits are not fun, but it’s in seeing these bits of writing genius you grow more confident, I do. With each wonderfully expressive and colorful piece of the written word you see how far your writing has come, and then when you look at your old stories you see how little you knew when you started.

I look at my old stories often, it’s a reminder of what I’ve accomplished and what I can do now, it only takes belief in yourself to make it happen.

Belief in yourself is more important than anyone else believing in you. If you don’t believe you can write, you can’t and no one can fix that.

You’re either a writer, or you’re not. It’s your choice, not else can make that choice.

Find your genius writing, and figure out why it looks so good and why it made you look, then you’ll discover, when you look at it you’ll discover you’re a writer, and that’s all you need!

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7 Responses to Finding Your Genius Writer

  1. susielindau says:

    I can only hope!
    I do love editing that is the easy part for me. It is the construction of the story that takes most of my time. I am finishing (in the last couple of pages) of my first book’s major rewrite and am seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!

    • I’m better at the writing part and not the editing part. My wife helps me with the editing part. She’s almost done with her read-through of the new draft and I can’t wait to get started on it.

      Thanks for your comments Susie, it’s so nice when you visit the Inkwell!

      • susielindau says:

        It is my first book and I had no idea how to organize it! If all I had were blog posts and articles, I would be a happy writer! It’s all I want to do. But I have been working on this book waaaaay too long. The next book will be a breeze in comparison!
        Thanks so much Brian! I love your visits too!

      • This is my second and I’m working on one for NaNoWriMo while my wife does her read-through. It helps me focus on writing and not worrying about the draft my wife has in her hands.

      • susielindau says:

        Now that is multi-tasking!

      • I also write for another blog called The Today Voice. I have to keep busy.

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