My Internal Monologue.

A photo of a light in a dark snowy night

A photo of a light in a dark snowy night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hello light, where have you been?” Said my brain

“Hiding, he’s been scaring me lately. Listening to that music, reading those books and watching those shows. It’s enough to make light stay away from him forever.” Light said.

“It’s not that he’s trying to stay there, he’s only trying to get some writing done, and you’re not that conducive for his writing style.” Brain said.

“I’m not. I used to be. He’d write such wonderful stories about…” Light began, but stopped.

“About what?” Brain asked.

“I’m not quite sure. I know he wrote some light stories and poetry, but I don’t remember being there for them.” Light said.

“Perhaps, you were only there in glimpses and that’s why you can’t remember?” Brain said.

“Glimpses, preposterous. I’m his lighter side. I was there when he was little and would play with G.I. Joes and He-Man. I know his lighter side better than anyone.” Light said.

“Maybe, but he’s 36 now, he has a lot more dark than light.” Brain said.

“Why?” Light said.

“His parents divorced, he was tortured by bullies, he made bad decisions, he had girlfriends treat him like they were better than him, the usual.” Brain said.

“Wow, I’ve been gone a long time.” Light said.

“Yes, but he has things that do bring him light.” Brain said.

“Really, like what?” Light replied

“He has two kids and they’re full of light, though the older one has more of his dad in him that he’s willing to admit.”

“Kids, really, that’s a trip. ” Light said.

“Yeah, but they’ve kept him grounded and away from things that will make his darker side stronger.” Brain said.

“Such as?” Light responded.

“He comes home to them every night because he loves them very much.” Brain said.

“Alright, he has kids. So, there must be a wife or something right” Light said.

“Of course. She keeps him grounded, but she also makes sure he sticks to his writing. Without his writing I don’t think any of us would still be here.” Brain said.

“Yeah, I can see that happening. Once when dating this girl, she acted badly toward him and she laughed at him. I remember that. I saw him a lot when he was dating her, then I went away for a long time. It’s only lately I’ve seen him, the last eight or nine years.” Light said.

“He gets melancholy and starts hating himself, as I’m sure all humans do.” Brain said.

“Really, how can they hate themselves?” Light replied.

“I think they get confused about what they want and get stuck trying to figure things out, or they have others telling them what to do. He’s had that a lot, but not much in a while.” Brain said.

“What’s going on here?” Darkness said.

“We were having a discussion about him.” Light said.

“Leave him alone. He’ll figure things out on his own. We just need to be there when he needs us, and lately he needs me. You’ll get your shot light, when he plays with his kids.” Darkness said.

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