The Cross-Roads Effect

English: Cross Roads at Cock Bank. Rural cross...

English: Cross Roads at Cock Bank. Rural cross roads on the Overton to Marchwiel road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I finished my post for The Today Voice the other day, that’s the blog I’m contributing to if you didn’t know, I thought about the post. The prompt was what was I thankful for. You can read it here.

After writing it I thought about the moment that created what I’m thankful for and how it created an effect to everything that’s happened since.

I call it the cross-roads or fork-in-the-road effect.

It’s that moment in your life when you have two paths. You can take one of them. You know where the possibly lead, but you have the choice. This moment effects what you do afterward, like mine did.

I have had this experience a lot, but there are certain instances which I know the effect will be greater. There are smaller instances where this happens, but they’re only ones I know of. It is not causality, as the Merovingian say in The Matrix Reloaded, it is choice.

These are the moments where we take a stand against the universe and tell it what we want. We determine our fate in these little moments.

Do we do what we’ve always wanted or do we take a road where we’re not sure, but it may be the most exciting choice?

When these moments happen they’re the most magical of all. For a writer it can determine what choice you take with a story. Or it may determine which story you write.

I always have a few stories in my head, and choosing between them is the hardest part. I find it hard to decide which book I should write. I choose which one will challenge me the most as a writer, but it must also be one that I will have fun writing.

Writing without fun is like birthdays without presents. Sure you get cake and ice cream and cute song, but it’s always better to have a new toy to play with.

New toys can bring out who you are, who you want to be and it may determine, if the writing is really good, who you’ll always be known as.

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One Response to The Cross-Roads Effect

  1. And after making the choice, it’s important to pick up foot and get on down the road. Nicely done

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