The Time to Write!

I’m reading The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. I don’t read writing books very

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often, but someone suggested it and I liked The Artist’s Way. I’ve only just started the book, a few chapters in and I’m like where the book is going.

Her idea about time and writing are what I like the most.

I’ve set aside time to write, taken days off from my day job, but I usually end up not writing because taking those days off to write makes me feel forced to sit in the chair and write and not writing when I have the time, and there’s always time.

Writer’s are one of the few artists that can really work on their art form at any moment with a notepad and pen. A lot of other artist can sketch, but they can’t bring the true work out until they sit in front of the canvas, sculpture or whatever medium they use. Writers can do that.

We all want to find the time to write. It’s not something to look for its something to do. You must write in between your kids getting to bed, at the doctor’s office jotting a few notes, or even into a tape recorder while you’re in traffic.

Whatever you spoke into the tape recorder you write on paper or the screen later

Setting aside the time can make you feel forced. I have a writing time of 10 p.m. I don’t always stick to it because the writing feels forced.  It doesn’t feel authentic, like it should.

The idea, “Just sit down and write.” isn’t exactly possible for most people who don’t write for a living. We have families,  day jobs and possibly other things we’re pursuing other than our writing.

Some of us can’t “just sit down and write”, we have to find time for it. You can do it in the grocery line at the store or while our kids are at dance or music lessons, but we have to write.

Writing keeps us alive, it makes us feel like we’re invincible, it does me.

I’ve never done anything that makes me feel like writing does. I’ve done a lot of things, but nothing makes me feel like writing.

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