When Blogging Connects

When I write this blog it’s in the hope that I reach someone, that my words somehow get across the blogosphere and connect with a reader.

My blog post on Monday the 10th was one of those posts.

My wife always posts a link to my blog. Every post I’ve written, unless she’s sick, it’s on her wall for her friends to read.

One of her colleagues from work read my post, and it struck a chord with her.

She said it made her think about when she was little and the things she’d do with her parents. It made her think about when she was a kid and did things with her dad and how they used to do things they both liked.

Writing moments like these are the most rewarding as a writer. The connection a writer has with his readers is more important than anything we do as writers. Whether you’re a blogger or you write books for a living, our readers are our most important part of what we do. Without them, we’re just punching keys and telling stories to ourselves.

But, when you can reach someone the way this post did, that’s why I write. Every day is worth the tired nights, the fighting off colds with doses of Vitamin C and morning filled with gallons of tea or coffee.

When you post something and it connects with someone. These little connections are the best part of blogging and writing. When you can connect with you readers, you’re on the right track.

I’m very glad I connected with a reader, especially someone who might not have read the blog before. These are the times I love to be a writer.


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5 Responses to When Blogging Connects

  1. Cindy Dobbs says:

    Hi Brian–I am that co-worker that Anita spoke of. Your blog really hit home. My Dad passed away 8 years ago and I cherish those times I had with him. I have had a pretty big pitty party lately because of missing my Dad so much. Your blog reminded me that I need to look back on those memories and cherish the what was!! I honestly believe that things happen for a reason…and your reason for writing that blog was ME! Well done my new friend!! I am a loyal reader from here on out!

    • When Anita told me about the influence my post had on you, I was very moved. It’s not every day that my posts move someone like they did you. I’m very humbled that my words made you think about your Dad. I write to reach people, to help them along their path of life. I’m very happy my words have helped you with your path.

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  3. All these little connections – some of the best that life has to offer. Always enjoy visiting here

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