How I Improved In 2012.

When I was younger I wrote for the enjoyment of writing. I got nothing from it, I didn’t do it to see how far I could go with it or what kind of money I could make doing it. I did it only for the writing.

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

A few things have occurred to me this year.

  1. I hadn’t been writing for myself for a while.
  2. I chose to write a novel that was very different from my normal stuff.
  3. I branched out in my writing and I contribute to The Today Voice once a week, Tuesdays, and have made friends and learned to do new things.
  4. I learned that bigger isn’t better. This goes for my blog as well as for my novel-writing.
  5. I’m a better writer than I believed, I’ve been told this many times by other writers and people I respect for their creativity.
  6. It’s more important to get the words down, even if the words suck because you can always fix in the revision/rewrite process.
  7. I’ve had times I doubted my writing, but my wife has told me to keep going. She has been my biggest cheering section, along with my son, who’s proud his daddy is a writer, he’s told his teacher in a paper and has told me on many occasions.
  8. I’m better at weird and “out there” type of writing than I thought I’d be.
  9. Every character has talked to me, whether in my dreams or while I’m writing, and I feel that comes through.
  10. I feel passionately about what I’m doing with my blog and my novel-writing and I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t be a writer.

Each of these things came to me at some point in the year. I remember when they happened and I think about them often.

My writing on the blog is who I am, whether you like my writing (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this) or you don’t. But I don’t hold back on who I am.

As I said a few weeks ago, this is me.

Things for 2013

I’m considering using YouTube more in my blog and possible using the webcam my wife bought me for Christmas. I may use this in the coming weeks. I’m undecided, but I really want to do some different things next year.

I plan on my current WiP (Work in Progress) ready by early 2013. This is tentative, but that is my goal.

As for the rest of the year, I plan on having a lot of fun with my kids and spending more time doing things just with my wife, because we’ve been married thirteen years, and I think that’s important.

How have you improved this year? Answer in the comments.

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