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Why I Quit My Job and Moved 400 Miles Away.

Dreaming is something we all believe in, but it’s too often not something we’re able to bring to reality. We work too hard, don’t live enough and don’t enjoy things as well as we should. We find that what we’re … Continue reading

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Breaking My Parenting Fears To Help My Writing.

There is a place that I go to when I’m frustrated with my writing. It feels like that place in Matrix Reloaded, where the Architect is. It’s all white and there are video screens that show all of my writing, … Continue reading

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Redefining Who I Am, As My Son Sees Me

Who are you? This is one of the greatest questions man has had. In the end, who we are is of no consequence to what we’ve done with the time we have. We can sit around, watch TV, play on … Continue reading

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Who Am I, Really?

Authenticity is important. It tells people who you are, what you write and what you think of yourself. Something has changed with me the last few days. It started with my day job. For those that don’t know, I’m a … Continue reading

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10 Things you can do to help your bullied kid.

When I was bullied in school I always wished there was someone who could have helped me. A teacher, another student or one of my parents. But I never told them about how bad it was, they’re only finding out … Continue reading

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Losing Family

Losing family reminds us of who we are. I makes us aware of our surroundings. It takes our daily life and throws it into shambles. When we’re close to that person it makes it that much harder to go on … Continue reading

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Before time runs out.

Life leaves us this to do before time runs out. These things can be large or small. We find ways to do them because they matter to us. It doesn’t matter whether they matter to anyone else.  They matter to … Continue reading

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