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What Fear Taught Me About Writing

“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.” -Buddha Fear and failure When I came up with idea for this series of posts, I was most looking forward to fear. Fear is … Continue reading

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Breaking My Parenting Fears To Help My Writing.

There is a place that I go to when I’m frustrated with my writing. It feels like that place in Matrix Reloaded, where the Architect is. It’s all white and there are video screens that show all of my writing, … Continue reading

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Smoke Devil

Feelings of madness creep across the stage, the handler chokes, the fans wave. The pitiful man stares into her eyes, he grasps the handle of the blade. Another life another time. I feel the rationing pain. I know the character … Continue reading

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Why Fear Madness?

What is it about madness that scares us. What is it about going mad that makes us feel totally confused, wrecked and without borders. What are the things we find in ourselves that confuse, distort and make the dark come. … Continue reading

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Why we shouldn’t fear the butterflies.

What dream is this? We see fantasy and ripples of lies following us through the journey of gathering what we think our lives are. We don’t feel the randomness, the chaotic spasms of our failings. We ignore the path set … Continue reading

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How writing saved my life 20 years ago.

I am 100% sure I would have killed myself if I didn’t learn to write. Continue reading

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Before time runs out.

Life leaves us this to do before time runs out. These things can be large or small. We find ways to do them because they matter to us. It doesn’t matter whether they matter to anyone else.  They matter to … Continue reading

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