Why I Quit My Job and Moved 400 Miles Away.

Dreaming is something we all believe in, but it’s too often not something we’re able to bring to reality.

We work too hard, don’t live enough and don’t enjoy things as well as we should.

We find that what we’re able to do, and what we can are different things, at least that’s what we believe. The truth, well, the truth is something else.

The truth is we find ourselves stuck in a job. Hating waking up and reminding ourselves that we wanted something better.

That something better rarely makes a visit to us, except in our dreams.

When I quit my job, I wasn’t fearful of finding another. I didn’t fret about the future. I knew what I wanted and went after it.

It’s truly the first time I’ve taken control over the dreams I’ve had since I was little.

I’ve wanted to write for the longest time, but was unable to put forth the effort I wanted because of my schedule and family commitments.

When my wife and I laid out our plan for me to leave my job of 15 years it was under the conditions that I was able to write more and help her around the house.

We knew it wouldn’t be immediate, but our plan was to save enough money to move and live with her mother long enough to save the money for a house.

This would allow us time and give her mom a much-needed break since my father-in-law passed.

There were many factors which led us to our situation, but the key events were my father-in-law’s failing health, our kids reaching an age where it wouldn’t drastically disrupt their education by moving and the downward spiral of the company I worked for.

All of these things led us to pack all our things, leave a city we’d been in for 17 years and the only life our kids had known and set out on an adventure.

Our adventure has led me to write more in the last week than I have in months and to discover that happiness isn’t about where your family is, it’s about what matters in life, it’s about chasing the dreams that you’ve been chasing for half your life, or longer and discovering all the things you’ve missed while your job tore you down.

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. I’m writing again, my kids are able to do things they’ve never been able to do and they’ll be attending a really good school this year.

My wife looks less stressed than I believe she’s been in years and I finally feel like I’m in the best place for me.

I quit my job and moved 400 miles away to write, raise my kids in a better environment and allow my wife and I a place to grow old together.

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